TIMBERTIME Ltd is operating as a timber sawmiller & further processor working with a premium Baltic softwood such as Spruce and Pine. High quality raw material is sourced from many reputable Baltic & Nordic suppliers.

Having a vast client base around European and Asian countries we are successfully distributing our products and promoting them with our reputable brand.  We are always looking for clients who appreciate high quality, stable supply and long-term cooperation.


TIMBERTIME Ltd intends to develop and grow its business based on a durable and sustainable market relationship. You can always expect reliable service from us. We have focused on economies of scale and competitive cost structure to establish our competitiveness. Equally important to us is the ongoing development of downstream value-added products.


Combined with the enthusiasm, experience and dedication of management and staff, value added range has become a major contributor to the growth and success of the company. 


Our mission is: “To become a number one supplier of all kind of timber products and to be recognized as your number one partner.”

The majority of timber is delivered specially dried and graded to Europe and Asia for construction purposes, as well for furniture and packaging production. The Redwood is sold mainly to the traditional European markets and North Africa for construction, furniture production and joinery. A deep understanding of customer needs, grading as per agreed specification and excellent service are the core values of perspective cooperation development.