Latvia is situated on the shore of the Baltic Sea and shares borders with Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus.


It has a population of approximately 2.5 Million people. More than 50% of Latvia’s land is forested. Latvia has been a full member of the European Union since May 1st, 2004.


Wood and timber is the Latvian central resource that reaches about 26.3 million hectares or approximately 52% of the country.


In forestry, sustainable development guaranteed by the provisions included in Forest Law.


50% of the forests in Latvia are owned by state, 47% by private persons and 3% by municipalities.


The major species are Pine and Spruce (around 60%), Birch (around 25%), Aspen, Grey and Black Alder, Oak and Ash.


All activities in Latvian forests must be conducted according to Latvian Forest Law.