An order is a stated intention, either spoken or written, to engage in a commercial transaction for specific products or services. It expresses the intention to buy and can be called a purchase order.

A delivery contract should be used to record the negotiation of an agreement to buy and sell, record the agreement itself, and record compliance with the agreement and closure of the contract. An agreement to buy and sell is a form of contract.

Five basic requirements for a contract should exist between two parties: agreement, voluntary, consideration, capacity, and legality.

Once an agreement or contract is in place, businesses record these as confirmed purchase orders and confirmed sales orders.


Any quotation for the supply of Goods and/or services by TIMBERTIME Ltd are valid for a maximum period of 14 days from the date of quotation. The Agreement shall arise upon acceptance by the Customer of the quotation and TIMBERTIME’s acceptance of the Customer's order and shall be subject to the terms of Agreement.

Any quotation is based upon rates and conditions ruling at the date of the quotation unless otherwise specified. Any variation in exchange rates, costs of labour, transport, freight, insurance, duty, Goods and services tax and other taxes or levies between the date of quotation and the date of delivery shall be for the Customer's account and shall be added to and form Part of the purchase price.


The Terms & Conditions of Timber Supplies also refers to any person, firm, company or corporate entity associated with TIMBERTIME Ltd. The provisions of Agreement will include the terms herein together with any invoice or other document associated with the provision of Goods to the Customer and shall be given a large and liberal interpretation in favour of TIMBERTIME Ltd.se price.


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